May 4, 2016


ASE Rx is a certified pharmaceutical distributor that facilitates distribution and repackaging services for the Federal Government and supports many agencies including the Dept. of VA (CMOPS), DoD, BOP, and IHS. Through ASE’s partnerships, we can offer a full line of repackaging services that includes high speed bottle filling, blister packaging, and pouching as well as a full range of secondary packaging capabilities.


Our Packaging Services include:



Blister Pack: A unit dose package commonly constructed from a formed cavity containing one or more individual doses. Blister packs are often used for physician samples or over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.





Bottles: Glass or rigid plastic containers used to package solid or liquid pharmaceutical products. Bottles are often used to package a defined amount of drug, such as a 30-day supply, or may protect contents that require a longer shelf life.





Compliance Packaging: Often used interchangeably with Unit of Use packaging, compliance packaging helps patients take their medication property by clearly indicating when each dose should be taken. Compliance packaging has been shown to increase the patient’s adherence to a prescribed regimen.





Secondary Packaging: Any form of packaging, such as an outer carton or multi-pack display case, that holds one or more primary packages (bottles, pouches or blisters).






Unit of Use: The exact amount of a drug’s treatment pre-packaged by the manufacturer or pharmacist in standardized amounts.







Pouches: A flexible material (usually paper, foil, PE, PET or a multi-laminate) used to package medication.