May 9, 2016

Pre-built Surgical Kits

The ASE Direct Advantage!

We offer more then off-the-shelf solutions.


ASE Direct is proud to be partnered with Stradis Healthcare and Medikmark to provide the most cost effective off-the-shelf surgical kits found anywhere in the marketplace.

ASE Direct small kits and trays, include IV start kits, dressing change trays, suture removal kits, tracheostomy care kits, urological and catheter/irrigation trays, instrument trays, sterile solutions, and other small kits.

We also offer wound care, pandemic/staff protection, and custom/private label products, as well as admission kits and laceration trays.

For product inquiries or orders, please contact ASE Direct directly at (888) 204-1938.

ASE Direct Pre-Built Surgical Kits