February 7, 2017

Product Recalls

Urgent Voluntary Product Recall

January 16,  2017

Product Name UDI Catalog No. Lot No. Expiration Date
BD Vacutainer® Buffered Sodium Citrate: (9NC) Blood Collection Tube (13 x 75  mm  x 4.5 ml)  








BD (Becton Dickinson) is  conducting  a voluntary  recall  for  a single  lot  (lot 6090572)  of catalog number

369714,  BD Vacutainer®  Buffered Sodium Citrate:  (9NC)  Blood Collection Tube 13 x 75 mm  x 4.5  ml.  After receiving a customer  complaint  reporting erroneous results,  BD confirmed that a limited portion of the referenced lot was manufactured with approximately twice the expected amount of buffered sodium citrate additive, an anticoagulant. Additive overfill in this  amount  may  cause  erroneous  results  which can lead to specimen recollection and potential delay of treatment or misdiagnosis/mismanagement of treatment and serious complications,  such  as  clotting or postponing surgery.  No adverse events have been reported for this   issue.

The affected lot number can be found on the individual unit label and the shelf pack label. Sample graphics showing the location  of the  catalog  and lot  number  on the unit and shelf pack labels are included to assist you in identifying if the recalled lot is within your control.   BD distributed the affected lot  beginning  June 22,   2016.

Product Recall Documents

Urgent Voluntary Product Recall

March 3, 2017

Manufacturer: Covidien

Product: Curity Eye Pad

Product Recall Documents