Improve Business Workflows by Upgrading
Your Copier and Printer Fleets

Every modern organization, institution, and enterprise relies on data to get work done. That data frequently comes in a variety of formats, including paper, and much of today’s office groundwork is dedicated to processing documents from one format to another.

Copiers and printers have evolved to take on increasing responsibilities in this environment. Rather than merely putting ink on paper, today’s multifunction devices do much of the office’s heavy lifting. They use optical character recognition, powerful network capabilities, and all-important digital security protocols to shift employees’ labor from manual work to knowledge work.

In order to make the most of this situation, organizations need to choose document processing hardware that serves their needs perfectly. But with hundreds of options in the multifunction device market, it takes an expert to match business demands and budgets to the perfect solution.

For this purpose, ASE is your expert. We support a broad range of printer and copier brands, and have extensive knowledge of each brand’s catalog. We use this knowledge to help our clients choose the best copiers and printers to meet their needs.

ASE carries all of the technology brands you know and trust

We offer products and support for all of the following manufacturers. Somewhere within each of these reputable brands’ catalogs is a copier or printer uniquely suited to your needs.

HP Logo

HP has an extensive portfolio of imaging products designed to meet specific business needs with great precision. Businesses looking to make efficient use of printing resources while saving money may very well find the perfect printer in HP’s catalog, which includes some of the industry’s finest color and black-and-white imaging devices.


Lexmark is well-known for providing businesses with printing and copying products that deliver results efficiently. As a document management solution leader, Lexmark devices help businesses streamline their document workflows and operate with greater efficiency.

xerox logo

Xerox is one of the most admired and respected names in the world of imaging. The company’s reputation is so remarkable that the name itself has become the verb describing what office copiers do. Xerox has a distinct range of multifunction devices that offer mobile compatibility, industry-leading connectivity, and outstanding image quality to businesses and institutions.

Toshiba logo

Toshiba has been a technology leader for decades. Organizations in a wide variety of industries including retail companies, hospitals, government agencies and universities use Toshiba products today. Toshiba’s high-speed color multifunction devices showcase the company’s dedication to versatility, spanning a broad range of feature sets and sizes. We can walk you through their selection of printers and copiers to find the perfect match for your business.


Kyocera leads the way in low per-page print costs and component durability. Businesses that need reliable devices capable of operating at full capacity without breaking down often turn to Kyocera for their needs. This manufacturer excels at creating efficient solutions to common business challenges while generating long-term value.


As a manufacturer of print imaging solutions, Brother is well known for the quality and efficiency of its color and inkjet devices. This company’s products offer a suite of innovative features relying on state-of-the-art technology – available at competitive prices.


OKI is a smart choice for organizations looking for affordable, efficient solutions to high-volume imaging challenges. The company is uniquely positioned to deliver value in print-intensive business environments, making it a superb choice for companies that rely on print processes to deliver value to clients.


Konica Minolta manufactures multifunction devices designed to act as centralized business hubs, with powerful network capabilities and document distribution features standard. Organizations that need efficient solutions for communication can benefit from investing in Konica Minolta’s line of multifunction copiers and printers.


Samsung is a technology giant and innovator well-known for manufacturing some of the most forward-thinking electronic hardware on the planet. The company’s range of printers meets challenging business needs while remaining cost-effective and efficient for long-term use. These devices can deliver value in both monochrome and color formats.


Widely admired for its state-of-the-art scanning hardware, Fujitsu has document processing solutions designed to fit a range of business needs. The company’s products excel at print speed and paper handling efficiency, making them an ideal choice for high-volume environments.


Pitney Bowes is a global technology leader that helps businesses simply communication and outreach. From its inception in 1920, the company has made itself an incredibly valuable enterprise partner by offering solutions and services focused on sending, tracking, and receiving parcels. Its Commerce Cloud solution is a powerful tool for businesses in need of borderless communication and logistics analytics.


Dell is a respected multinational technology company with a printer and copier lineup that delivers optimal quality and clarity to business customers. Its selection of ink and laser multifunction devices contains devices with useful network features like wireless printing.


Canon is widely respected as a manufacturer of imaging equipment, especially systems that rely on powerful optics. Its color printers produce vibrant, professional-quality images using innovative technology to ensure graphic fidelity at all price ranges. From home office printers to professional production presses, Canon has something to offer everyone.


Epson printers, copiers, and multifunction devices offer excellent connectivity features with low consumable use and affordable prices. The company’s catalog of office inkjet document printers and labeling solutions are some of the industry’s most celebrated.


Ricoh is the printer manufacturer of choice for industrial organizations that need broad functionality and professional quality at affordable prices. The company’s optics and image-processing technologies make it uniquely suited to meet the needs of large enterprises, but its selection of smaller office printers are highly competitive as well.


Efficient mobile printing requires a solution that delivers wireless-enabled communications, unmatched usability and versatile label encoding options. Zebra offers a complete range of mobile handheld and forklift-mountable wireless printers that meet diverse environmental and application needs for both barcode and RFID labeling.