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We align our core business areas with the current and future needs of our customers to deliver unsurpassed value. One of the most important elements of caring for our customers’ needs is working together to develop strategies that lower their carbon footprint.

We are deeply committed to manufacturing, services, and logistics processes that are environmentally responsible. Our environmental sustainability initiatives cover a wide range of business practices, from setting up toner cartridge recycling service for our customers to encouraging employees to carpool to our facilities. Instead of simply giving a corporate responsibility team the task for ASE environmental concerns, sustainability drives every business decision we make.

environmental sustainability

These are just some of the environmental initiatives we undertake:

  • Ensuring that every product we sell is designed for safe, responsible disassembly and disposal.
  • Recycling 100 percent of the used toner cartridges we collect on our customers’ behalf.
  • Offering customers managed print solutions that reduce consumable usage.
  • Encouraging environmentally conscious employee transport to and from our facilities.
  • Implementing robust recycling programs at our facilities.

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