Take control of IT spending and electronic invoicing
with our eProcurement services

eProcurement systems make purchasing faster and more efficient. ASE works directly with you to integrate punch-out procurement solutions that make it easier and more cost-effective for you to work with ASE.

What do you get with ASE eProcurement services?

When you integrate your eProcurement system with ASE, you get access to our entire inventory of products and services. We work with you to create a custom static or dynamic catalog with pricing and features that are specific to your needs.



E-Commerce PunchOut: These solutions give you easy access to your current ASE Punch-out catalog from your organization’s preferred eProcurement system. We accept the cXML version 1.2 for punchout/roundtrip and roundtrip OCI version 3.5

Electronic Document Interchange: Secure electronic document interchange (EDI) through the following methods: FTP, PGP, EDIINT (AS1 and AS2) HTTPS, and VAN

Easy Invoicing: You’ll always have access to your invoices through your online account, but we can also use the following invoice methods: paper invoices; p-cards (compliant to level/tier 3) and electronic invoicing in ANSIx12 4010 EDI, XML, cXML or mapped flat file formats.

Why eProcurement Integration?

Save Time & Money

Consolidating purchases through a single interface, you’ll increase efficiency and decrease transactional and fulfillment costs with electronic invoicing.

Curb Errors & Maverick Spending

eProcurement software features built-in controls that minimize human error and prevent overspend.

Plan for the Future

ASE’s eProcurement PunchOut catalog is your one-stop shop for purchasing, reporting and forecasting.

Get Free IT Advice

Your dedicated account manager becomes your single point of contact for hundreds of experts who can help you build IT solutions from the ground up.

Exchanging business documents electronically with ASE enables your organization to complete business critical transactions with improved speed, accuracy, and efficiency. To begin electronic document exchange with ASE, first determine:

  • What types of documents are to be exchanged
  • The data format of the documents
  • The communication method required to exchange the documents
electronic document exchange

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