Printer Parts, Cartridges



  • Certain parts have a recommended replacement interval and are designed by the original manufacturer to be simple to replace
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Your printer tells you when to replace parts like rollers and fusers
  • Parts are easy to install and come with simple instructions
  • Supply status page shows you the life remaining on parts

Approximately 80% of maintenance calls for desktop printers, copiers, and multi-function printers involve the replacement of Maintenance Kits and Transfer Kits, both of which are easy to replace. In fact, the device tells you when it’s time for maintenance.

You can call a technician and pay for parts and labor, or you can purchase and install the parts yourself for savings of up to 50%.

We have them in stock and ready to ship!


ASE offers both OEM and remanufactured printer parts. All of the remanufactured parts that ASE sells go through an ISO-certified manufacturing process and are subjected to rigorous quality testing protocols.

Printer parts

Logic Boards

All of the remanufactured logic boards that ASE carries utilize certified engineers and technicians, calibrated test equipment, as well as static and dynamic testing at the component and assembly level.

Uses a state-of-the art vision system for the removal and replacement of Ball Grid Array (BGA) microchips. BGA microchips are found in the latest printer and copier models on the market, including Jet Direct Cards and Formatter Boards.

Power Supplies

Power supplies are live tested in fixtures for proper output voltage and current. Test capabilities include static and dynamic load testing, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, and line and load regulation. Power supplies are adjusted to manufacturers’ specifications for output voltage and current limiting. All repaired power supplies are 100% machine tested to ensure reliability.

paper feed

Paper Feed Mechanisms

Our paper feed mechanisms are refurbished with new rollers. Any other high wear parts that do not meet our rigorous quality standards are also replaced.


The scanning assembly takes a digital image and prepares it for the printing process. All of our remanufactured scanners receive extensive cleaning and performance testing to ensure quality image transfers.

Printheads & Modules

The printhead repair process includes a thorough cleaning, replacement of pins, hammers, coils, guides and jewels as required. Next, they are adjusted for flight time, impact energy and alignment. Lastly, each printhead undergoes a thorough testing procedure before it leaves our facility. Our extensive range of test equipment and electronic simulators allows us to reproduce the most demanding conditions that occur in the field.


Extend Your Printer’s Life

The best way to prevent your laser printer from wearing out is to install a maintenance kit. Printer maintenance kits contain spare parts that have highly predictable wear characteristics. By proactively using a maintenance kit, you eliminate repeat service calls, maximize paper feed and increase print quality.

Additionally, you save money! Purchasing a complete kit from ASE is much more cost effective than buying all the parts separately.

maintenance kit

Printer Maintenance Kit Includes:

  • Paper Pickup Rollers
  • Paper Feed/Separation Rollers
  • Transfer Roller
  • Fuser Assembly
  • Gloves and Manual
  • 6-Month Warranty