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Supplier Diversity

Our A-Team

Worried about working with a diverse supplier who can't scale with your growing enterprise?
With ASE Direct, that will never be something you have to worry about.

Multi-Year Award Winner

  • 2020 Largest Veteran-Owned Business in Nashville
  • 2019 HealthTrust Supplier Excellence Awardee
  • HP Power Partner Diversity Network
Jason Hill

Jason Hill

Supplier Diversity Manager

"Now is the time for minority businesses to drive our economy forward, and I'm excited to join ASE. I look forward to accurately reporting on minority business results and promoting socio-economic goals through mutually beneficial business relationships."

Bo Clift

Bo Clift

CEO & Service-Disabled Veteran

"We are extremely excited to have Jason join the A-Team here at ASE and bring his wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team! We look forward to the positive impact he will have on the continued expansion and presence for both ASE and our supplier diversity initiatives.”  


GPO Purchasing Power






Alternate Sites

65 Billion

Purchasing Power

Federal Government Purchasing Power





8.3 Million

Veterans – Patients

67 Billion

Purchasing Power



The Biggest Challenges in the Supplier Diversity Space

Internal corporate staffs typically are not resourced enough to handle the full range of responsibilities involved in creating, maintaining, and evaluating supplier diversity initiatives, and thus may need expert help.

Ensuring the accuracy and integrity of supplier diversity data

Adequate staff resources & Decentralized Decision-Making

Providing opportunities when there are already great suppliers in place

An organizational understanding of Supplier Diversity and why it's important


The Future of Supplier Diversity

The value of supplier diversity to corporations today cannot be understated. Whether it is for driving fresh ideas and innovation, enhancing customer engagement, creating new revenue streams, or adopting best practices, the engagement of diverse suppliers within corporate supply chains is a must, in most instances, for doing good business and effective business.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Alignment with Corporate Culture & Workforce Inclusiveness

Government Compliance & Customer Requirements

Drive Competition & Inclusive Supply Chain

Spend & ROI Reporting

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